Punching a hole through the wall

I wanted to be able to play PS4 and PC games in either the living room or the bedroom.  After trying various streaming methods only to find out the lag is too much both wired and wirelessly, I decided to punch a hole through the wall.  Thankfully the controllers work just fine through the wall, so I only needed a way to get an hdmi cable and Ethernet cable through the wall.


These orange things are a life saver.  They are called low voltage boxes.  I thought I would have to find a stud, but these work anywhere on Sheetrock, in fact, its better if you don’t hit a stud, or you end up with something like this when you try to cut the hole.


I was hoping to avoid sparkle, sanding, and painting.  No luck this time around.

The orange boxes come with a really neat way of tracing, they have four little holes that let you draw four dots that you can then connect to cut the perfect hole.


Used a simple utility knife to carefully cut out the hole.


Then it fits in real tight.  It is important to screw in and then unscrew the screws before tighting them while the mount is in the wall, otherwise the torque might break the Sheetrock. By exercising the screws before putting the orange block in it makes it so that it is easier to tighten the screws after it is inserted.


I spent a good long time trying to figure out the right way to attach the media adapter to it.  I found out you had to attach the media adapter to the plate and then the plate to the orange box.  That is the only way I could get it to stay tight.  Was worried that I would have to use sheet rock screws to hold the plate in place.  I was glad I did not have to, because I don’t have much faith in screws, screwed into sheet rock.

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