How to disable kick start feature on Razor 100 scooter.

I acquired a razor scooter off of craigslist for $35 dollars from a fellow who said it worked great.  Brought it home, twisted the throttle, and then nothing happened.  Figured the battery was dead, charged it and then still nothing.  I googled the instructions only to learn that it won’t start unless you ‘kick start’ by getting the scooter moving 3-5 mph at first.  What?  That’s not how an electric scooter/motorcycle ought to work.  Safety?  I don’t think so, because my kid has his leg way out behind him when the motor kicks in causing him to almost wipe out (only way he can get it going fast enough with his little legs).  It’s easy enough to fix though.  Disconnect the yellow wire from inside the controller and re-solder it as shown in the picture.  Then it works just fine.  Twist the throttle and away it goes.  I found the spot on the board by listening to the relays as they ‘clicked’ together when twisting the throttle.


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I just had the same issue thank you I will give it a shot


Did this as soon as you hit the throttle away it goes true. but it never stopped going.