How to disable kick start feature on Razor 100 scooter.

UPDATE and WARNING:  You will likely fry your controller.  Just read the comments about people who have tried this.  Only attempt this with a scooter you don’t care if it fries or not.

I acquired a razor scooter off of craigslist for $35 dollars from a fellow who said it worked great.  Brought it home, twisted the throttle, and then nothing happened.  Figured the battery was dead, charged it and then still nothing.  I googled the instructions only to learn that it won’t start unless you ‘kick start’ by getting the scooter moving 3-5 mph at first.  What?  That’s not how an electric scooter/motorcycle ought to work.  Safety?  I don’t think so, because my kid has his leg way out behind him when the motor kicks in causing him to almost wipe out (only way he can get it going fast enough with his little legs).  It’s easy enough to fix though.  Disconnect the yellow wire from inside the controller and re-solder it as shown in the picture.  Then it works just fine.  Twist the throttle and away it goes.  I found the spot on the board by listening to the relays as they ‘clicked’ together when twisting the throttle.

UPDATE: I don’t know why it does not work for so many people. I took a couple of more pictures and a video. I cannot emphasize enough that before you solder or make the modification, grab a voltmeter and do the test before modding it. Take the voltmeter and put the positive end on the place you want to solder and the negative end on the ground of the battery. Have a second person twist the throttle. The voltage should go from 0 volts to 24 volts. When you release the throttle the voltage should drop back down to 0 volts. If it doesn’t you have the wrong spot. It could be my razor is an older version and the newer ones don’t have the same thing. I am not sure.

For solder I use the a 60/40 mix because the other types of lead free solder are too brittle.
I use something like this on Amazon: Click Here to See Solder on Amazon.



  1. I did this and it worked until I tried to test the break and throttle at the same time(to see if the disable feature still works) but now it just starts going every time I turn it on. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    1. Check and make sure the throttle button under the right twist handle is not stuck pressed down. Otherwise it might be time to undo the mod. There have been so many people that this does not work for that I am beginning to think I should just remove this post.

    1. Yikes! That’s not good. I know that the twist throttle button sticks sometimes, I had to open the twist throttle on one of my scooters and replace it with a switch that works. They have a silly plastic button that get’s stuck sometimes when you twist the throttle.

  2. Gunna give this a go..thanks…and you said about the throttle button issue and rightfully so…keep the break switch operating and hopefully no issues..?¿

  3. I think you can just solder a jumper across the relay, cant you?
    One option would be to add a kill switch in place of the relay (in the cricuit) and put it on the handlebar as an emergency shutoff.

    1. Sorry to hear that mate. Burnt out relays are no fun. Mine still goes with me on it, so I am not sure what happened. Maybe the later versions have weaker relays. Maybe the heat from the solder killed em by melting something important. When I soldered the joint I made sure it did not get very hot.

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